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8 800 775-31-12
Call from 8:30 to 17:30

New collection of printed socks

A new collection of printed calico was launched. At the moment, the current assortment includes more than 50 drawings, you can familiarize with them here.

Launched the online store KPB!

GC “Galtex” now actively sells its finished products on the Internet through an online store!
Bed linen, which our company produces, has a large own collection and with a wide choice of colors.

New sales office!

“Galtex” has opened a new sales office at the address: Ivanovo, ul. Paris Commune, etc. 5. The business center “Megapolis” will meet our customers with comfort and convenience. Now our office on the 5th floor is equipped with a zone of negotiations and rest.

Waiting for everybody!